Trang chủThi quốc tịch MỹTrọn bộ what mean thi quốc tịch Mỹ

Trọn bộ what mean thi quốc tịch Mỹ

Dành cho ai cần trọn bộ WHAT MEAN thi quốc tịch Mỹ. Bạn có thể học online hoặc tải file ở đường link bên dưới để in ra và học.

1 Naturalization (nhập tịch) The process of being a citizen of country
2 Eligible/ eligibility (đủ điều kiện) Meet the requirements to do something
3 Current (hiện tại) The present time
4 Aliases (bí danh) Different names you use
5 Maiden name (tên thời con gái) The last name of a woman before marriage
6 Nickname (biệt danh) Informal name that people call you
7 Legal / legally (hợp pháp) Allowed by the law
8 Lawful (hợp pháp) Legal
9 Country of nationality (quốc gia mà bạn đang mang quốc tịch) The country where you are a citizen
10 Physical disability (khuyết tật về thể chất) Limitation on a person’s body functions such as blindness
11 Developmental disability (khuyết tật chậm phát triển) Mental or physical problems that begin before adulthood
12 Mental impairment (suy giảm tinh thần) A person’s mind is not working properly such as alzheimer’s
13 Prevent (ngăn ngừa) To stop something from happening
14 Demonstrate (chứng tỏ) To show
15 Accommodations Special assistance
16 Residence (nơi cư trú) Where you live
17 Physical address Address of where you live
18 Mailing address Address of where you receive your mail in
19 In Care or name Name of someone at an address that is not yours
20 Occupation (nghề nghiệp) Job
21 Employer (người thuê lao động) The company that hires you
22 Self-employed (tự king doanh) Work for yourself
23 Unemployed (thất ngiệp) No job
24 Marital status (tình trạng hôn nhân Like being married, single or divorced
25 Marital history The history of a person ‘s marriages
26 Spouse ( vợ chồng) Husband or wife
27 Single (độc thân) Not married now and never married before
28 Married (kết hôn) Legally having a husband or wife
29 Divorced (ly dị) Legally stop being married
30 Widowed (góa) Your spouse died, and you have not remarried
31 Separated (ly thân) Still married but not living together
32 Marriage annulled (hôn nhân bị hủy bỏ) Marriage that is declared invalid
33 Previous marriage The marriage before the current marriage
34 Prior spouse (vợ chồng trước) A person’s ex-hus or ex-wife
35 Deceased (người chết) Died
36 Stepchildren (con riêng) Children from your spouse’s ex-spouse
37 Legally adopted child (con nuôi) Child who is legally taken by another family as their own
38 Have you ever (đã từng) In your lifetime
39 Claim (tự nhận) To say that something is true, but you cannot prove it.
40 Claim to be a us citizen To tell someone I’m a U.S. citizen when I’m not
41 Register (đăng ký) To sign up
42 Vote (bầu, bỏ phiếu) To elect new leaders
43 Hereditary titles/ inherited titles (chức vị thừa kế) Like king or queen
44 Order of nobility (lệnh quý tộc) A position given by a king or queen
45 Give up (từ bỏ) To quit
46 Declared (tuyên bố) To be diagnosed
47 Legally incompetent (thiểu năng) Like having mental problems
48 Confined (bị giữ) To be kept
49 Mental institution (bệnh viện tâm thần) A hospital for people with mental problems
50 Owe taxes (nợ thuế) Not pay money for goverment yet
51 Own (làm bởi ai hay của ai đó)
Do you file taxes on your own?
Belonging to or done by a particular person
52 Over due (quá hạn, trễ) Late, past a deadline
53 Overdue taxes Didn’t pay taxes on time
54 File a tax return (khai thuế) Send tax paperwork to the government
55 Non-us resident A person who doesn’t live in the us
56 Permanent resident (thường trú nhân) Legally stay in us but not us resident
57 Member of (thành viên của) Person belonging to a group
58 Involve (tham gia) To take part in
59 Associate (liên kết) To have a connection
60 Club (câu lạc bộ) Like a group
61 The communist party/ communism (đảng cộng sản) Like the government of china or north Korea
62 Totalitarian party (chế độ độc tài) The government has complete control over everything, and the people have no power
63 Terrorist (khủng bố) A person who uses violence against people
64 Terrorist organization An organization that uses violence against people
65 Advocate (ủng hộ) To support
66 Overthrow (lật đổ) To remove a government from power by force
67 Persecute (hành hạ) To abuse
68 Race (chủng tộc) A group of people have similar nation,langue , history
69 Religion (tôn giáo) Belief in god
70 National origin (nguồn gốc) Where a person is from
71 Nazi (chính phủ quốc xã) The party under hitler
72 S.s. Military unit An organization under the nazi government
73 Extermination camp (trại hủy diệt) A place to keep people before killing them
74 Concentration camp (trại tập trung) A place to keep the political prisoners during the war
75 Transit camp (trại trung chuyển) A place to keep people such as refugees, temporarily
76 Prisoner or war camp A place to keep enemy soldiers during the war
77 Genocide (diệt chủng) To kill a whole nation or race
78 Torture (tra tấn) To hurt someone for confession
79 Kill (giết) To cause someone to die
80 Forcing sexual contact or relations (ép buộc quan hệ tình dục) Touching someone’s private parts when one says no
81 Participate (tham gia) To be part of
82 Military unit (đơn vị quân đội) A group of people serving in the army
83 Paramilitary unit (đơn vị bán quân sự) A military group that is not official
84 Police unit (đơn vị cảnh sát) Prevention and detection of crime
85 Militia (dân quân) An army that is not official
86 Self-defense unit (đơn vị tự vệ) A group that protects a place using weapons
87 Vigilante unit (đơn vị cảnh giác) A group that acts like the police but is not official
88 Insurgent organization (tổ chức nổi dậy) A group that uses weapons and fights against the government
89 Rebel group (nhóm nổi loạn) A group that fights a government
90 Guerrilla group (nhóm du kích) A group that uses weapons against the military, police or government
91 Serve (phục vụ) To work
92 Prison camp (trại tù binh) A place to keep enemy soldiers or political persons
93 Jail/prison (nhà tù) A place where prisoners are kept
94 Detention facility (cơ sở giam giữ) A place where people are forced to stay
95 Labor camp (trại lao động) A place where people are forced to work
96 Weapon (vũ khí) Knife or gun
97 Threaten (đe dọa) To warn to hurt someone
98 Recruit (tuyển lính) To ask
99 Enlist (đăng ký nghĩa vụ quân sự) To sign up. Especially in an armed force
100 Conscript (bị bắt đi nghĩa vụ quân sự) To force someone to join an armed force
101 Disclose the information (tiết lộ thông tin) To provide the information
102 Constitute To be considered
103 Combat (chiến đấu) To fight in a war
104 Sealed (được niêm phong lại) Enclosed
105 Records have been sealed Records are not public
106 Records have been expunged Records are erased
107 Records have been cleared Charges are dismissed
108 Commit (phạm phải) To engage in somthing
109 Commit a crime To do something that breaks the law
110 Assisted in committing a crime (tiếp tay cho việc vi phạm) To help someone to break the law
111 Attempted to commit a crime (cố ý vi phạm) To try to do something that breaks the law
112 Crime (phạm tội) Illegal activities
113 Offense Minor crime
114 Arrested (bị bắt) Handcuffed by the police
115 Cited (bị phạt) Given a ticket by the police
116 Detained (giam giữ) Keep someone in jail
117 Charged (phạm tội) Accuse of
118 Convicted (bị kết án) Found guilty of a crime under the law
119 Alternative sentencing (kết án thay thế) A different way to punish someone (such as community service)
120 Rehabilitative program (chương trình cải tạo) A program to help someone restore heath
121 Diversion (án treo) A different program to avoid jail time
122 Withheld adjudication (chưa bị tuyên án) Like a second chance
123 Deferred prosecution/deferred adjudication (thỏa thuận nhận tội) Legal agreements  that allows  alternative sentencing
124 Sentence (bản án) A punishment under the law
125 Suspended sentence (án treo) Delayed sentence
126 Probation (án treo) Report to an officer regularly instead of jail time
127 Parole / been parole (đươc tha trước thời hạn) Allow to leave the prison early due to good behavior
128 Habitual drunkard (nghiện rượu) Someone drinks too much alcohol regularly
129 Prostitute (gái mại dâm) Someone who has sex for money
130 Procure (mua dâm) To find a prostitute for someone
131 Smuggle (buôn lậu) To move something illegal into or out of a country
132 Controlled substances (các chất được kiểm soát) Legal drugs that can be bought with a prescription but with restrictions
133 Illegal drugs / Narcotics (thuốc lậu) An illegal drug such as heroin or cocaine
134 Polygamy (đa thê) Being married to more than one person at the same
135 Obtain (đạt được) To gain something
136 Immigration benefit (quyền lợi nhập cư) Things like a visa, green card or citizenship
137 Obtain immigration benefit To gain things like a green card illegal: Against the law
138 Gamble/ gambling (đánh bạc) To play a game for money
139 Illegal gambling (đánh bạc bất hợp pháp) To play a game for money that is not allowed under the law
140 Fail (rớt) Not doing something
141 Dependent (người phụ thuộc) A person who is relying on another person financially
142 Pay alimony (trả tiền trợ cấp) To pay money to an ex-spouse after a divorce
143 Misrepresent/misrepresentation (xuyên tạc) Something that is not true
144 Public benefit (phúc lợi xã hội) Money from the government to help you such as food stamps
145 False (sai) Not true
146 Fraudulent (gian lận) To make people believe a lie
147 Mislead someone To make someone believe something that is not true
148 Lie (xạo) To say things that are not true
149 Admission into the united states (nhập cảnh vào Hoa Kỳ) The right to enter the united states
150 Removed/exclude/deported( loại bỏ/trừ bỏ/bị trục xuất) Sent back to the original country
151 Ordered (ra lệnh) An instruction to do something
152 Exclude from the united states (loại trừ ra khỏi nước mỹ) Prevent you from entering the united states
153 Deport (bị trục xuất) To force a person to leave a country
154 Rescission (sự hủy bỏ) Government cancels someone green card
155 Deportation proceeding (thủ tục trục xuất) Process to removing a person
156 Pending (đang chờ xử lý) Waiting to happen
157 Armed forces (lực lượng vũ trang Hoa Kỳ) Us military
158 Stationed overseas A soldier work outside the us
159 Court-martial (bị đưa ra tòa án quân đội) To go to a military court
160 Disciplined (kỷ luật) To be punished for doing something wrong
161 Discharge (được thả, phóng thích) A soldier leaves the military
162 Alien (người nước ngoài) A person from other country
163 Avoid being drafted (trốn nhập ngủ) Prevent being selected as a soldier
164 Exemption (miễn) Special permission not to do something
165 Deserted (đào ngủ) Left the army without permission
166 Selective service Service in the military under law
167 Contitution (hiến pháp) The supreme law
168 Oath of allegiance (lời thề trung thành) A promise to be loyal to the united states
169 Bear arm (mang súng) To carry a gun
170 Non combatant service (dịch vụ không chiến đấu) Serving as a nurse
171 Work of national importance (công việc có tầm quan trọng quốc gia) Tasks that are important to a nation
172 Civilian (dân thường) Person who is not in the military
173 Disability (khuyết tật) Like people who are blind or deaf
174 D.U.I (lái xe trong lúc say xỉn) Driving under influence
175 Freedom of speech (tự do ngôn luận) The right to speech freely
176 Station (trạm, căn cứ) Like a base
177 Traffic violation (phạm luật giao thông) Like a speeding ticket
178 Outcome / disposition The final status of the case
179 What is our form of government? Republic
180 What is Republic? Of the people, by the people, for the people

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